Life can be stressful and complicated enough without trying to remember all the little things that happen every day never mind if your experiencing or being treated for a mental health condition.  If you visits to your health care provider are more than a week apart everything starts to become a blur and important information can be forgotten or lost all together... things like:

  • When was those couple of days I didn’t sleep very well?
  • What happened that day I felt really low and had to stay in all day?
  • I remember feeling bad on Thursday but I can’t remember why or how I managed to get through it?
  • I can’t remember if I took my medication last night?
  • What was the name of that Doctor we saw last week?
  • I had the therapist phone number but I don’t know what I’ve done with it?

These may seem like little things but put together when your under stress already they can become overwhelming and you may at some point decide to just give up and let someone else sort this out !

The OBS Observation by self booklet is a practical, hands on way to tackle these issues and address them in a simple organised way.

The OBS Observation By Self booklet will help you monitor your condition/illness by gathering information about your mood, events in your life, sleep pattern, medications you are taking etc.  By doing this you may notice patterns that would otherwise go undetected.

Taking OBS Observation By Self booklet with you to your Doctor or Psychiatrist will help them to help you because you will be able to recall a lot more information for them by using and bringing your booklet with you.  You may find they would want to photocopy parts of your booklet for their files.

If you find it difficult to complete or use OBS Observation By Self booklet a relative, partner or close friend may be able to help.

The OBS Observation By Self booklet is designed to provide you with a simple organised way to monitor your condition/illness at home. Using OBS Observation By Self will enable you with just a few minutes a day to bring and keep together important information...